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Spin-optomechanical coupling between light and a nanofiber torsional mode

TitleSpin-optomechanical coupling between light and a nanofiber torsional mode
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsE. F. Fenton, A. Khan, P. Solano, L. A. Orozco, and F. K. Fatemi
JournalOpt. Lett.
Date PublishedApr
KeywordsFiber optics, Heterodyne, Nanophotonics and photonic crystals, Optomechanics

Light that carries linear or angular momentum can interact with a mechanical object, giving rise to optomechanical effects. In particular, a photon can transfer its intrinsic angular momentum to an object when the object either absorbs the photon or changes the photon polarization, as in an action/reaction force pair. Here, we demonstrate resonant driving of torsional mechanical modes of a single-mode tapered optical nanofiber using spin angular momentum. The nanofiber torsional mode spectrum is characterized by polarimetry, showing narrow natural resonances (Q&\#x2248;2,000). By sending amplitude-modulated light through the nanofiber, we resonantly drive individual torsional modes as a function of the light polarization. By varying the input polarization to the fiber, we find the largest amplification of a mechanical oscillation (>35&\#x2009;&\#x2009;dB) is observed when driving the system with light containing longitudinal spin on the nanofiber waist. These results present optical nanofibers as a platform suitable for quantum spin-optomechanics experiments.