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Fractional quantum Hall phases of bosons with tunable interactions: From the Laughlin liquid to a fractional Wigner crystal


Highly tunable platforms for realizing topological phases of matter are emerging from atomic and photonic systems and offer the prospect of designing interactions between particles. The shape of the potential, besides playing an important role in the competition between different fractional quantum Hall phases, can also trigger the transition to symmetry-broken phases, or even to phases where topological and symmetry-breaking order coexist. Here, we explore the phase diagram of an interacting bosonic model in the lowest Landau level at half filling as two-body interactions are tuned. Apart from the well-known Laughlin liquid, Wigner crystal, stripe, and bubble phases, we also find evidence of a phase that exhibits crystalline order at fractional filling per crystal site. The Laughlin liquid transits into this phase when pairs of bosons strongly repel each other at relative angular momentum 4 (h) over bar We show that such interactions can be achieved by dressing ground-state cold atoms with multiple different-parity Rydberg states.

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Journal Article
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Physical Review Letters

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