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Grégory Moille

Assistant Research Scientist

Research Scientist
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2251 Atlantic Building

College Park, MD 20742

PSC B0150


Gregory Moille is a Assistant Research Scientist working at both the NIST and UMD campuses. He received his M.S. in Physics and Photonics from Grenoble Institut National Polytechnique, France. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Paris Saclay University, France. His doctoral research focused on the non-linear dynamics of photonic crystal cavities made of III-V materials, as well the fabrication and improvement of these devices. He is now working on developing chip-scale integrated micro-resonators made of silicon nitride for nonlinear optics, in particular dissipative Kerr soliton/frequency comb and novel non-linear wave mixing applications.

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    December 13, 2023

    Humanity’s desire to measure time more and more accurately has been a driving force in technological development, and improved clocks and the innovations behind them have repeatedly delivered unexpected applications and scientific discoveries. For instance, when sailors needed high precision timekeeping to better navigate the open seas, it motivated the development of mechanical clocks. And in turn, more accurate clocks allowed better measurements in astronomy and physics. Now, clocks are inescapable parts of daily life, but the demands of GPS, space navigation and other applications are still motivating scientists to push timekeeping to new extremes.