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JQI Administration


  • Photo of Gretchen Campbell
    Gretchen Campbell
    JQI Co-Director
    (301) 405-0934
  • Photo of Jay Deep Sau
    Jay Deep Sau
    JQI Co-Director
    (301) 405-8463

Assistant Director

  • Photo of Kendra Turner
    Kendra Turner
  • Photo of Melissa Britton
    Melissa Britton
    Business Manager
    (301) 405-2215
  • Photo of Blake  Jeter
    Blake Jeter
    Program Management Specialist
    (301) 314-1907

Public Affairs

  • Photo of Sarah Elbeshbishi
    Sarah Elbeshbishi
  • Photo of Shivani Mattikalli
    Shivani Mattikalli
  • Photo of Chris Cesare
    Chris Cesare
    Director of Communications and Outreach
  • Photo of Dina Genkina
    Dina Genkina
    Science Communicator
  • Photo of Bailey Bedford
    Bailey Bedford
    Science Communicator
    (301) 405-9401
  • Photo of Michael Kamuiru
    Michael Kamuiru
    Web Services Administrator