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Hero image for the Summer Girls Program

The Department of Physics at the University of Maryland organizes Summer Girls, an intensive, hands-on program that brings 9th- and 11th-grade girls to the University of Maryland for two weeks of instruction, exploration and experiment. The program is open to all upcoming 10th, 11th and 12th graders and receives applications from a diverse group of young females* with one thing in common -- the desire to learn more about physics. No prior physics knowledge is necessary but applicants are required to write a statement explaining why they would like to attend this program.

Advanced Program

The advanced program jumps into the world of modern physics. Participants will learn about topics ranging from relativity, to antimatter, quantum mechanics, physical uncertainty, quantum computing and more. There will be hands-on lab activities, visits to cutting-edge research labs, discussions with professors who currently specialize in modern physics and a project to make the discussions of modern topics tangible. Students will be introduced to topics that are likely not covered in their high school classes, from the thought experiments of Einstein to current applications in code breaking.

More Information and Applications

* Program is open to all qualified applicants