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a stick figure walking a dog up a ramp on one side with cartoon atoms standing on steps on the other side

The energy of an atom is an example of a quantized property: It's forced to live on a staircase of allowed values.

Quantum physics governs everything that's very small or very cold, and it has a reputation for being extraordinarily difficult to understand. The Quantum Atlas aims to provide an approachable guide to quantum physics for non-experts—anyone looking for an explanation of a quantum concept they read about in an article or heard about on the radio. It has original images, animations, short podcasts and written explanations of the most fundamental quantum concepts, as well as important applications.

At The Quantum Altas you can learn more about

and much more!

Originally developed at JQI with support from the National Science Foundation's Advancing Informal STEM Learning program (Award #1713387), The Quantum Atlas is now supported by JQI and the Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center.