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two students examining a benchtop physics experiment

The JQI recognizes the need for creating an environment that encourages and supports underrepresented genders in physics. In the past, JQI worked with the PFC@JQI and the UMD Department of Physics to organize professional development and networking events for women. We continue to support the Physicists of Underrepresented Genders (PUGs) group (formerly Women in Physics) and the leadership roles taken by our students to build a more welcoming environment.

The links below offer resources and events that may be of interest. JQI Fellow and Co-Director Gretchen Campbell is happy to take questions about the resources available at JQI and the broader physics community on campus. For more information, please email

Helpful Links

Physicists of Underrepresented Genders

UMD Women in Math

UMD Women in Engineering

An Unofficial Summary of University of Maryland Policies Relevant to Women Faculty and Students