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Monroe Elected OSA Fellow

Photograph of Christopher Monroe in a dim laboratory with blue light shining around him.

Credit: John T. Consoli/UMD

JQI Fellow Christopher Monroe has been elected as a Fellow of The Optical Society (OSA). He is one of 118 OSA members to be selected this year.

Monroe, who is also a Fellow of the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science and a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Maryland, leads an experimental research group that masterfully manipulates the delicate interactions of light and ions. Their experiments span everything from simulating wormholes to pushing the frontiers of quantum computing.

Monroe also shares his expertise as a member of the advisory committee of the U.S. National Quantum Initiative. Monroe advocated for the creation of the initiative, which works to stimulate development of quantum information science and technology by fostering collaboration between federal organizations, academic institutions and private industry.

No more than 10% of OSA members may receive an OSA fellowship. The fellowship is an acknowledgment of accomplishments and contributions within the community of scientists who study light. Monroe was nominated for his “pioneering leadership in quantum information processing with trapped ions and ultrafast optics technology, and leadership in the National Quantum Initiative.”

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