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Federal report urges commitment to quantum research

August 3, 2016

A government report, authored by experts from a variety of federal agencies, has recommended that the US treat quantum information science as a national priority.

The 16-page report, prepared by the president’s National Science and Technology Council and released to the public on July 26, suggested steps to increase the nation’s commitment to its quantum portfolio. These included ensuring stable federal funding of basic quantum research and investing in targeted, short-term projects that could address timely technical hurdles. It also painted in broad strokes the technological advances that quantum science may one day enable. It specifically mentioned sensors for precision measurement, more secure communication and quantum simulation and computation.

The report highlighted JQI and QuICS as successful examples of federal investment in the field, focusing on the close collaboration of the centers and their role in training the next generation of academic and industry leaders. It praised the productivity of two National Science Foundation Physics Frontiers Centers, one of which is the PFC@JQI.

A post published to the White House blog summarized the report’s significance and findings. It also mentioned two other recent reports—by the Department of Energy and the National Strategic Computing Initiative—related to the future of quantum information science.