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Ultracold Gases in a Two-Frequency Breathing Lattice

Date & Time

July 15, 2024, 11:30am

Where to Attend

PSC 2136



Aftaab Dewan

Event Type

Thesis Defense

Dissertation Committee Chair: Prof. Steve Rolston


Prof. Gretchen Campbell

Prof. Nathan Schine

Prof. Ron Walsworth

Prof. Ki-yong Kim

Abstract:  Driven systems have been of particular interest in the field of ultracold atomic gases. The precise control and relative purity allow for construction of many novel Hamiltonians. One such system is the ‘breathing’ lattice, where both the frequency and amplitude is modulated in time, much like an accordion. We present the results of a phenomenological investigation of a proposed experiment, one where we apply a ‘two-frequency’ breathing lattice to an atomic system. Our results show a shift in the tunneling Hamiltonian away from nearest neighbour couplings.