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Quantum rainbows with Kerr optical frequency combs

Date & Time

November 20, 2023, 11:00am

Where to Attend

ATL 2400



Yanne K. ChemboUMD ECE and IREAP

Event Type

JQI Seminar

Abstract: Kerr optical frequency combs are generated by pumping an integrated microresonator with a resonant laser.

Below threshold, the pump laser field mediates the phenomenon of spontaneous four-wave mixing, where two pump photons are symmetrically up- and down-converted as twin photons that can be entangled across up to a hundred eigenmodes in the spectral domain. While these room-temperature integrated photonic circuits are expected to play a central role in quantum technology, their high dimensionality and dissipative nature are a challenge for their theoretical description, therefore hindering the understanding of their properties and potential of performance. Here, we present a framework that permits us to obtain an explicit solution for the density operator for these quantum frequency combs. This self-consistent theoretical description allows for their complete characterization, as well as for the analytical determination of various performance metrics such as photodetection statistics, fidelity, purity, and entropy.  

*You will need to bring your cell phone, so you can sign in using the flowcode.  For Zoom, please submit a chat saying hello with your first and last name, so you can receive lunch.  Lunch will be served after the seminar only to the individuals that have attended.*