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Microscopic and Emergent Dynamics of Quantum Information Flows

Date & Time

April 3, 2024, 10:00am

Where to Attend

PSC 2136



Fabio AnzaUniversity of Trieste and UC Davis

Event Type

JQI Special Seminar

Abstract: The past fifty years of scientific and technological progress have clearly highlighted information as a physical resource - one that can be traded for heat, work, and other energetic resources. With the ongoing new wave of quantum-based technologies, understanding the microscopic and emergent dynamics of quantum information in many-body quantum systems has thus become a priority. In this talk, I will present a plethora of results centered around the idea of leveraging differential-geometric techniques and tools from the theory of dynamical systems to build a theory of quantum information flows, both in equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium physical configurations. These will include a geometric quantum thermodynamics, a kinetic theory of quantum information transport, a notion of quantum information dimension and geometric entropy and a geometric analysis of the emergence of classicality in open quantum systems. This is an ongoing research effort. So, I will mention several directions of interest, which I hope can serve as fruitful ground for discussion and future collaborations.

Host: Emily Townsend