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Cavity QED from Manybody Physics to Transduction

November 28, 2022 - 11:00am
Jonathan Simon
Stanford University

Abstract: In this talk, I will describe recent developments in the Simon/Schuster collaboration, where we are harnessing cavity quantum electrodynamics for both manybody physics and quantum information. I will begin with an overview of our photonic quantum materials efforts, highlighting the analogy between photons in a lattice of cavities (or family of cavity modes) and electrons in solids. I will then focus in on our explorations of Hubbard physics in a quantum circuit, where we have demonstrated reservoir engineering approaches to stabilizing incompressible solids, and more recently, disorder-assisted adiabatic approaches to preparation of compressible fluids and even cat states of fluids. Finally I will change gears and talk briefly about interfacing superconducting and optical cavities using Rydberg atoms, where we have just demonstrated a quantum limited mmwave-to-optical transducer with >50% transduction efficiency, 100’s of kHz of bandwidth, and less than one noise photon.

Location: ATL 2400

JQI Seminars are held on Mondays during Fall and Spring semesters at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time in Room 2400 of the Atlantic Building. University of Maryland affiliates may participate using Zoom. The seminars are also livestreamed on the JQI YouTube channel (, which supports audience participation in the chat interface.