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Spin Dynamics, Depolarization, Decoherence and Dynamical Decoupling

August 2, 2019 - 3:30pm
Dima Farfurnik

All spin qubits suffer from depolarization and decoherence, but the corresponding terminology can be sometimes confusing. So what exact physical mechanisms ruin spin states over time, how to overcome them, and what is the difference between T1, T2*, T2 and T1rho? In this introductory talk, I will try to clarify this terminology, while focusing on an essential tool for prolonging coherence times - dynamical decoupling (DD) protocols. I will introduce the multipurpose use of DD for noise spectroscopy, sensing and the preservation of arbitrary quantum states. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and recently modified pulsed and continuous DD protocols, and present their fundamental and technical limitations.

For students and postdocs only (no PIs!) - though anyone may join for beverages after 4:30 pm.

PSC 2136