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Quantum Rotors in Optical Lattices as Magnetometers and Accelerometers

January 7, 2019 - 1:00pm
Prof. Yehuda Band
Ben Gurion University

In a cold atom gas subject to a spin-dependent 2D optical lattice potential, trapped atoms undergo orbital motion around the minima of the scalar optical lattice potential.  Such atoms are elementary quantum rotors (QRs).  The theory of an atomic QR is developed.  Wave functions, energies, and degeneracies are determined for both bosonic and fermionic QRs, as well as magnetic dipole transitions between ground and spin-excited states.  QRs in optical lattices with precisely one atom per site can be used as a magnetometer or as an accelerometer; such devices can have unprecedented accuracy.  

Host: Paul Julienne

PSC 2136