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Robust Fabrication and Measurement of Atomically Precise, Solid State Devices

October 29, 2018 - 11:00am
Richard Silver
National Institute of Standards and Technology

NIST has a substantial program to develop atomically precise, atom-based electronic devices for use in quantum information processing, quantum materials research, and quantum sensing.   We are using hydrogen-based scanning probe lithography to enable deterministic placement of individual dopant atoms with atomically aligned gates to build single electron transistors and single or few atom devices which display quantum behavior.  We have developed robust lithography, device relocation, and contact processes that enable the routine electrical measurement and operation of atomically precise devices, with an emphasis on minimizing process-induced dopant movement. 

In addition to our fabrication technology, we will discuss low temperature transport measurements of STM patterned test structures and nanometer scale wire devices to investigate low dimensional transport and materials properties. We will present the characterization of atomic-scale tunnel junctions and single electron transistors that demonstrate stable coulomb blockade oscillations.  We achieve controlled variation in electronic and quantum properties as a function of atomic scale changes in device geometry.  Our low temperature measurements demonstrate superb charge stability with minimal switching events.  Our most recent single atom transistor results show electron addition energies of ~47 meV, consistent with single Phosphorus donor atom D0 to D- transitions.  

HOST: Jay Sau

ATL 2400