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New Interface between Quantum Optics and Nanoscience: the Bottom-Up Approach and Applications

September 19, 2017 - 4:00pm
Min Ouyang
University of Maryland

In this talk I will present a few recent advances from my group, centering on a new interface between ultrafast quantum optics and nanoscience through bottom-up materials design. I will particularly focus on development of emerging colloidal hybrid nanostructures that can allow desirable integration of multiple functionalities in one single nanoscale unit to create novel synergistic interactions. By combining ultrafast optical spectroscopy with this new materials advance, precise control of quantum optical interactions can thus be achieved at the nanoscale. This has further led to all optical spin manipulation and spin echo by light-matter interaction in well-designed hybrid semiconductor quantum structures, which is crucial for understanding many body spin physics and developing novel nanoscale quantum devices. Potential applications of such a bottom-up approach will also be described.

PSC Lobby
College Park, MD 20742