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Languages for Meta-Programmable Logic and SDR Techniques for Quantum Information

August 22, 2017 - 10:00am
Robert Jördens
Sébastien Bourdeauducq

The quantum technologies competing in the race to build scalable
quantum computers are faced with both increasingly complex algorithms
for the manipulation of quantum states and rapidly growing demands on
digital signal processing capabilities to perform these manipulations.
In this talk we will try to point out some of the challenges that we
are facing when developing control frameworks for these experiments
and how we approach them.  Our design of a meta-programming language
and toolkit allows us to describe signal processing and control logic
at a level of abstraction and flexibility that we were unable to
obtain from conventional approaches.

Using state of the art development tools for continuous integration
and unit testing we can then rapidly and reliable track our
developments at multiple fronts ensuring correct behavior at all times
while at the same time dramatically lowering the entry barrier to

We will explain our design of a domain specific language (DSL) based
on Python and how we constructed the transformation and compilation
toolchain to execute time-critical code on dedicated FPGA hardware
with nanosecond timing resolution and microsecond latency.

Finally we will explore our applications and extensions of software
defined radio (SDR) techniques to the manipulation of quantum states,
such as the design of an agile, interpolating, multi-tone signal
generator controlled accurately and in real time.

AV Williams 4172