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Periodically Driven Quantum Systems

July 21, 2017 - 4:00pm
Paraj Titum
Periodically driven systems (also known as Floquet systems) have seen a lot of recent theoretical and experimental interest. In this talk, I will provide a survey of various examples of Floquet systems. I will start by explaining basic Floquet theory, and describe how to obtain the dynamics of such driven systems. Then I will show how periodic driving can be used to tune a trivial system into a desired topological phase of matter. Finally, I will discuss interacting Floquet phases and the problem of heating in these systems. If time permits, I will describe the recent realization of a new phase of matter - time crystals.
(The JQI summer school is for students and postdocs, but others are welcome to join for refreshments and snacks afterward; Discussion with refreshments and snacks at 5:00 pm)
PSC 2136