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Transport without Charge

May 8, 2017 - 11:00am
Tilman Esslinger
ETH Zürich

The observations of quantized steps in electric conductance have provided important insights into the physics of mesoscopic systems and allowed for the development of quantum electronic devices. Whilst quantized conductance should not rely on the presence of electric charges, it had not been observed for neutral, massive particles. I will report on recent experiments in which we observed quantized conductance in the transport of neutral atoms [1]. We used high-resolution imaging to shape the potential of a quantum point contact and a quantum wire between two reservoirs of quantum degenerate fermionic lithium atoms. I will further report on recent findings in spin and particle conductance measurements through a quantum point contact in a regime of strong atom-atom interactions [2].



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  2. D. Husmann, S. Uchino, S. Krinner, M. Lebrat, T. Giamarchi, T. Esslinger, and J. - P. Brantut, Science 350, 1498-1501 (2015).

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