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Recent breakthroughs with Efimov and Rydberg physics

March 27, 2017 - 11:00am
Chris Greene
Purdue University

Experimental capabilities with ultracold few-body systems 
continue to advance rapidly in a number of contexts.  This talk will highlight
two recent developments.  First, the observation of butterfly Rydberg 
molecules with kilodebye dipole moments (H. Ott's group) opens the door to the 
possibility of observing interesting blockaded phases in one dimension.
Second, experimental observations of heavy-heavy-light Efimov physics
in a mixture of Cs and Li atoms (M. Weidemueller's and C. Chin's groups) 
have sparked in-depth theoretical studies that suggest intriguing new regimes 
where interference minima compete and intertwine with resonances in recombination.

CSS 2400 Bldg