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Multicomponent fractional quantum Hall phases induced by light

December 13, 2016 - 2:00pm
Areg Ghazaryan
City College of New York

Multicomponent fractional quantum Hall phases are realized when particles have additional degree of freedom like spin, layer or valley index (pseudospin)  and the "pseudospin Zeeman effect" is not strong compared to Coulomb interaction to polarize the system. In this talk I will first review previously realized multicomponent fractional quantum Hall systems. Afterwards, I will present our new work on obtaining bilayer fractional quantum Hall systems in graphene under magnetic field coupled with light. In such systems the role of the layer is played by Landau level index and hopping between the layers is controlled by light-matter interaction strength. I will present the realizable fractional quantum Hall phases in these systems for 2/3 filling, and analyze the special type of interaction responsible for these phases. I will also show that the form of the interaction distinguishes these systems from previously studied bilayer systems.​

Hosted by Mohammad Hafezi.

2115 Atlantic Bldg. #224
College Park, MD 20742