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Quantum Imaging

December 12, 2016 - 11:00am
Robert Boyd
U. Rochester/U. Ottawa

In this talk, I present an overview of three topics of significance to the field of quantum sensing.  I first review the field of quantum imaging. This field strives to develop methods for making images sharper or clearer through the use of quantum aspects of light. Specific topics to be treated include two-color ghost imaging, interaction-free ghost imaging, imaging with photon-added states, and imaging with “undetected photons.” I will then turn to a brief discussion of structured light fields and their potential for the dense coding of information onto individual photons. I also describe a quantum communications system that can transmit more than one bit of information per photon. Lastly, I turn to a discussion of materials and structures for quantum sensing. Specific topics include the large nonlinear response available from epsilon-near-zero materials, single-photon sources, and chip-scale devices for quantum sensing.  

2400 CSS Building, MD 20742