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Entanglement dynamics following quantum quenches

August 29, 2016 - 11:00am
Aditi Mitra
New York University
Recent years have shown that entanglement is a useful way to characterize quantum many body systems, however concrete results only exist in one spatial dimension. In this talk I will present results for the dynamics of the entanglement entropy and entanglement spectra in two dimensional Floquet Chern insulators realized by applying a time-periodic perturbation to graphene. I will show how the topological edge states manifest in the entanglement dynamics and highlight some surprising differences between topological insulators realized from static Hamiltonians and those realized from time-periodic Hamiltonians. If time permits, I will also discuss entanglement dynamics following a critical quench in three spatial dimensions, and show how the underlying critical exponents manifest in the entanglement dynamics.
CSS 2400
College Park, MD