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"How Cold Atoms have paved the way for the Observation of Distant Stars or From the Very Cold and Small to the Ultrafar"

July 24, 2014 - 1:30pm
Wilhelm Kaenders
President Toptica Photonics

Cold atoms research has to some extent, even synergistically, led to the development of new laser tools, in particular tunable diode laser technology and fiber combs that are ideally matched to each other. As one would think that the high-end technology requirements of this field are unique, given the exquisite lab-bound nature of the research topic, the vastly expanding cold atom field has generated enough of a technology surge for the development of mature laser products. They now find their usage in the other extreme end of current research, namely the latest generation of astronomical telescopes. As cold matter research is trying to unravel secrets of the early universe, its „tooling“ will become the backbone for an adaptive optics implementation using laser guide stars to cope with the atmospheric issues of the same endeavor of understanding for example star formation.

In the talk I will also try to give an insight into a customer-oriented and boot-strapping high-tech company which might for the future trigger other joint or separate technology initiatives.

Host: Luis Orozco

Postdocs and senior graduate students are invited to lunch with him before the seminar in room CSS 2115 at 12.30 pm

PSC 2136
College Park, MD 20742