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Postdoctoral Research Seminars

March 3, 2014 - 11:00am
JQI Postdocs

Speaker: Ryan Glasser

Title: "Quantum mutual information of an entangled state in the presence of dispersive media."

In this talk I will present recent experimental work investigating the behavior of continuous-variable entanglement and quantum mutual information upon propagation through dispersive media.  A four-wave mixing process in warm atomic vapor is used to both generate an entangled state of light, as well as produce a medium exhibiting slow- and fast-light properties.  Differences in the behavior of the entanglement and quantum information after propagating through such dispersive media will be

Speaker: Stefan Natu

Title: Interaction induced Dynamical transitions in a spin-orbit coupled thermal gas

The realization of synthetic gauge fields in ultra-cold Bose and Fermi gases enables the study of spin-orbit coupled systems in a novel setting. By dynamically tuning the interactions and spin-orbit coupling, experimentalists can explore the interplay between single-particle and many body degrees of freedom both in and out of equilibrium. Here we ask: What is the interplay between spin-orbit coupling and interactions in a gas driven out-of-equilibrium? We find that interactions and spin-orbit coupling have competing effects on the spin dynamics. For a fully magnetized initial state, spin-orbit coupling tends to destroy the net magnetization, while interactions tend to stabilize the initial state. The interplay between these two effects therefore lead to three distinct dynamical regimes at long times: an unmagnetized state for weak interactions, a partially magnetized state for strong interactions, and a state with undamped magnetization oscillations about a zero mean value for intermediate interactions. We establish a connection between spin dynamics in the spin-orbit coupled gas and self trapping in a double well Bose Einstein condensate. 

CSS 2400
College Park, MD 20742