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Harnessing Quantum Systems with Long-Range Interactions

January 27, 2014 - 11:00am
Alexey Gorshkov

AMO (atomic, molecular, and optical) systems with long-range interactions, such as Rydberg atoms, polar molecules, and ions, are arguably the most controllable, tunable, and strongly interacting quantum systems. In this talk, we will first review how precise control over such systems has recently opened a new paradigm for quantum computing and communication, entanglement generation, and engineering of new phases of matter. Motivated by recent experiments, we will then focus on lattice systems with interactions featuring power-law decay with distance. In particular, we will derive a new bound on the propagation of information in such systems and exhibit a simple model that partially saturates the new bound [1]. The new bound is expected to provide crucial insights into numerous equilibrium and non-equilibrium phenomena in long-range-interacting systems and is on the verge of being verified experimentally by the trapped ion community [2,3]. 

[1] Z.-X. Gong, M. Foss-Feig, S. Michalakis, AVG, to appear on arXiv Sunday night (Jan 26).

[2] P. Richerme, Z.-X. Gong, A. Lee, C. Senko, J. Smith, M. Foss-Feig, S. Michalakis, AVG, C. Monroe, arXiv:1401.5088.

[3] P. Jurcevic, B. P. Lanyon, P. Hauke, C. Hempel, P. Zoller, R. Blatt, C. F. Roos, arXiv:1401.5387. 

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