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Quantum nonlinear optics with Rydberg polaritons

January 22, 2014 - 1:00pm
Ofer Firstenberg

Realizing and engineering optical non-linearity at the level of single photons is a goal of scientific and technological significance. We obtain strong interactions between propagating photons by coherently coupling them to Rydberg atoms in a cold gas. While slowly traversing the medium, the "Rydberg polaritons” interact via the Van-der-Waals force, owing to their large electric dipole-moment. We are able to vary the dynamics of the two-photon wavefunction from dispersive (Schrodinger-like) to dissipative (diffusion-like) and observe strong bunching, anti-bunching, and a conditional phase-shifts of 1 radian for two individual photons.

Host: Alexey Gorshkov

CSS 2115
College Park, MD 20742