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Defect Centers in Diamond for Quantum Applications: Prospects & Problems

March 4, 2013 - 12:30pm
Oliver Benson
Humboldt University, Berlin

Defect centers in diamonds have been studied extensively in the last years [1]. They represent single photon sources with stable operation even at room temperature. Additionally, their spin state provides a long decoherence time and can be controlled and read-out optically.
In this talk we focus on nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in nanocrystalline diamond. First, we introduce basic properties of nanodiamonds and introduce a method to assemble fundamental nanophotonic devices [2]. Then, we report on a novel material platform based on direct laser writing in polymers which allows for fabrication of arbitrary three-dimensional quantum photonic structures [3].
In a second part of the talk we discuss decoherence of the electronic states in NV centers, which is crucial for possible applications in quantum information processing [4]. Finally, we show how a scanning probe can be functionalized with a nanodiamond to perform three-dimensional lifetime imaging with a single quantum emitter.

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[2] O. Benson, Nature 480, 193 (2011).
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1201 Physics Building
College Park, MD 20742