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Hands pass buckets to the left containing spheres and arrows representing quantum states. Most are blue but one is red and is failing to move the bucket.

We conduct curiosity-driven research that explores the most basic building blocks of nature with an eye toward potential applications in information science and technology.  


  • Red and gray points connected by lines

    Quantum Computers Run on Just the Right Amount of Connectivity

    October 19, 2023
  • time travel image

    Simulations of ‘Backwards Time Travel’ Can Improve Scientific Experiments

    October 12, 2023
  • A simple illustration shows a black and white paint bucket and paint brush with 5 balls of different colors and sizes in a line in front of it.

    Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry Highlight Common Quantum Ground between Fields

    October 5, 2023
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Our Research

  • Many-Body Physics

    Some of the most intriguing physics happens when individual particles team up, giving rise to emergent collective properties.

    Learn More about Many-Body Physics
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    Quantum Information and Computing

    JQI physicists are investigating promising quantum computing architectures as well as developing methods to control quantum effects that can be exploited to process information in new ways.

    Learn More about Quantum Information and Computing
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    Quantum Measurement and Control

    Creating quantum states on demand and controlling them is a critical component to developing practical quantum-based devices.

    Learn More about Quantum Measurement and Control

Condensed matter physics is about understanding all the properties of phases of matter. I think that our work is really expanding our understanding of how to define new topological properties and how to characterize phases of matter better.

Outreach & Education

JQI Fellows, postdocs, and students actively engage our community and the broader public in science.

About Our Programs & Activites