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Transport in chemically doped graphene in the presence of adsorbed molecules

TitleTransport in chemically doped graphene in the presence of adsorbed molecules
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsE. H. Hwang, S. Adam, and S. Das Sarma
JournalPhys. Rev. B
Date Publishednov
Keywords2007, Single Fellow

Motivated by a recent experiment reporting on the possible application of graphene as sensors, we calculate transport properties of 2D graphene monolayers in the presence of adsorbed molecules. We find that the adsorbed molecules, acting as compensators that partially neutralize the random charged impurity centers in the substrate, enhance the graphene mobility without much change in the carrier density. We predict that subsequent field-effect measurements should preserve this higher mobility for both electrons and holes, but with a voltage induced electron-hole asymmetry that depends on whether the adsorbed molecule was an electron or hole donor in the compensation process. We also calculate the low density magnetoresistance and find good quantitative agreement with experimental results.


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