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Strong relative intensity squeezing by four-wave mixing in rubidium vapor

TitleStrong relative intensity squeezing by four-wave mixing in rubidium vapor
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsC. F. McCormick, V. Boyer, E. Arimondo, and P. D. Lett
JournalOptics Letters
Date Publishedjan
Keywords2007, four-wave mixing, Nonlinear optics, Single Fellow, Squeezed states

We have measured −3.5 dB (−8.1 dB corrected for losses) relative intensity squeezing between probe and conjugate beams generated by stimulated, nondegenerate four-wave mixing in hot rubidium vapor. Unlike early observations of squeezing in atomic vapors based on saturation of a two-level system, our scheme uses a resonant nonlinearity based on ground-state coherences in a three-level system. Since this scheme produces narrowband, squeezed light near an atomic resonance, it is of interest for experiments involving cold atoms or atomic ensembles.


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