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RECIST versus volume measurement in medical CT using ellipsoids of known size

TitleRECIST versus volume measurement in medical CT using ellipsoids of known size
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsZ. H. Levine, B. R. Borchardt, N. J. Brandenburg, C. W. Clark, B. Muralikrishnan, C. M. Shakarji, J. J. Chen, and E. L. Siegel
JournalOptics Express
Date Publishedapr
Keywords2010, Medical optics instrumentation, X-ray imaging

Two hundred eighty three uniaxial ellipsoids with sizes from 4 mm to 11 mm were measured with a coordinate measuring matching (CMM) and also scanned using a medical computed tomography (CT) machine. Their volumes were determined by counting voxels over a threshold, as well as using equivalent volumes from the length given by the RECIST 1.1 criterion (Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors). The volumetric measurements yield an order of magnitude reduction in residuals compared to the CMM measurements than the residuals of the RECIST measurements also compared to the CMM measurements.


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