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Positioning and immobilization of individual quantum dots with nanoscale precision

TitlePositioning and immobilization of individual quantum dots with nanoscale precision
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsC. Ropp, Z. Cummins, R. Probst, S. Qin, J. T. Fourkas, B. Shapiro, and E. Waks
JournalNano Lett.
Date Publishednov
Keywords2010, Adhesiveness, Electroplating, Electroplating: methods, Materials Testing, Micromanipulation, Micromanipulation: methods, Quantum Dots, Single Fellow, Surface Properties, Ultraviolet Rays

We demonstrate a technique for the precise immobilization of nanoscale objects at accurate positions on two-dimensional surfaces. We have developed a water-based photoresist that causes nanostructures such as colloidal quantum dots to segregate to a thin layer at surfaces. By combining this material with electroosmotic feedback control, we demonstrate the ability to position selected, individual quantum dots at specific locations and to immobilize them with 130 nm precision via localized UV exposure.


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