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Laser beams with embedded vortices: tools for atom optics

TitleLaser beams with embedded vortices: tools for atom optics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsN. Chattrapiban, E. A. Rogers, I. V. Arakelyan, R. Roy, and W. T. Hill, III
JournalJOSA B
Date Publishedjan
Keywords2006, Laser trapping, Optical devices, Single Fellow

Two-dimensional spatial light modulators have been employed to create static and dynamic phase masks for embedding multiple vortices and exotic intensity-void structures in laser beams. A variety of patterns of singularities, producing dark longitudinal and transverse intensity channels, have been created. The uniformity, quality, and suitability of these patterns as elements for atom optics (e.g., atom-tunnel beam splitters) have been studied as a function of the phase quantization level and spatial resolution of the phase mask. Specifically, we show that (1) high-quality modes, those that propagate long distances and can be focused, can be generated when the number of phase steps between 0 and 2pi on the phase mask exceed four and (2) atom confinement increases with the charge of the vortex.


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