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Enhanced spontaneous emission into the mode of a cavity QED system

TitleEnhanced spontaneous emission into the mode of a cavity QED system
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsM. L. Terraciano, O. R. Knell, D. L. Freimund, L. A. Orozco, J. P. Clemens, and P. R. Rice
JournalOptics Letters
Date Publishedapr
Keywords2007, Fluorescence, Quantum electrodynamics, Quantum optics, Single Fellow

We study the light generated by spontaneous emission into a mode of a cavity QED system under weak excitation of the orthogonally polarized mode. Operating in the intermediate regime of cavity QED with comparable coherent and decoherent coupling constants, we find an enhancement of the emission into the undriven cavity mode by more than a factor of 18.5 over that expected by the solid angle subtended by the mode. A model that incorporates three atomic levels and two polarization modes quantitatively explains the observations.


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