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Jacob Taylor

Headshot of Jacob Taylor, JQI Fellow
Adjunct Associate Professor
First Name: 
Middle Initial: 
Last Name: 
(301) 975-8586
(301) 405-7905
UMD Email: 
NIST Email: 
UMD Office: 
University of Maryland
2101 CSS Bldg
College Park, MD 20742
NIST Office: 
Home Institution: 
United States
Research Topics:
Understanding the fundamental and practical limits to building quantum information devices, Studying novel approaches to entangling atomic, photonic, and solid state systems, Exploring potential applications of quantum information systems to metrology and measurement science


Andrew Glaudell
Michael Gullans
Steve Ragole
Graduate Student
Joe Smiga
Chiao-Hsuan Wang
Graduate Student
Xunnong Xu
Graduate Student


Headshot of Prabin Adhikari
Prabin Adhikari
Graduate Student
Headshot of Dvir Kafri
Dvir Kafri
Graduate Student
Vanita Srinivasta, JQI
Vanita Srinivasa
Postdoctoral Researcher
Headshot of Haitan Xu
Haitan Xu
Graduate Student

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