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JQI Administration


  • Gretchen Campbell
    JQI Co-Director
    (301) 405-0934
  • Frederick Wellstood
    JQI Co-Director
    (301) 405-7649

Assistant Director

  • Cindy Dooley
    Assistant Director
    (301) 405-0784
  • Kelly Phillips
    Faculty Research Assistant
    (301) 405-1300

Public Affairs

  • Emily Edwards
    Director of Communications and Outreach
    (301) 405-2291
  • Chris Cesare
    Senior Science Communicator
    (301) 405-0824
  • Kate Delossantos
    Undergraduate Assistant
  • Sean Kelley
    Science Communicator
    (301) 405-7718


  • Melissa Britton
    (301) 405-2215

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