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High School Teacher Optics Workshop 2009

Bill Phillips working on a demonstration, JQI

Bill Phillips (center) works on a demonstration with Sarah Wendel (left) and Faiz Mohideen (right).

On June 26, 2009, the Physics Frontier Center conducted a day-long workshop on optics in the classroom for local-area high school physics teachers, using instructional materials from the Optical Society of America.

The first half of the June 26, 2009 outreach event was devoted to demonstrations and discussion of various techniques to illustrate optical phenomena. The second half involved a tour of Joint Quantum Institute laboratories to see how optics is employed in ongoing research.

Teacher participants: Herb Edelstein, Richard Montgomery High School (Rockville, MD); Christopher Hahn, Linganore High School (Ijamsville, MD); Jasper Layne and Faiz Mohideen, Largo High School (Largo, MD); Sederik Rice, Bowie High School (Bowie, MD); Yau-Jong Twu, Eleanor Roosevelt High School (Greenbelt, MD); and Sarah Wendel, Parkdale High School (Riverdale, MD).

JQI Fellows participating: PFC Co-Directors Luis Orozco (UMD) and William Phillips (NIST), JQI Co-Director Steven Rolston (UMD), and PFC Research Council member Christopher Monroe (UMD).

Other researchers participating: postdoc Steve Olmschenk (Monroe group) and graduate student David Norris (Orozco group).

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