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Outreach: Request a visit from us!

The PFC and JQI fellows, postdocs, and students actively engage our community and the broader public in science.The PFC supports traveling lectures, where members visit colleges to talk about research. We have experience with all age groups K-12 through undergraduate. Examples of events include guest lectures, career days, assemblies, and individual classroom visits catered to fit science curriculum.

We also provide on-site tours on an individual basis.

Please contact Emily Edwards at to arrange for our scientists to visit. We are flexible and will work with you to build a presentation that meets your needs. 

Order a Quantum Information poster from APS for your school. The poster was jointly produced by the PFC @ JQI and APS. 

Most Recent Events and Activities

Jeff Grover presented physics demos at the Thurgood Marshall Academy 2nd Annual STEM Fair on March 10th2015, inviting area schools and guest presenters for an afternoon of science, technology, engineering and math. 

Emily Edwards presented demonstrations at the Flora Singer Elementary School Science Fair in Silver Spring, MD in February, 2015. 

The class of Prof. Liza Enrich from the Thurgood Marshall Academy in Anacostia, Washington D.C. visited the JQI and the University of Maryland. They came during the afternoon of Friday, September 26. Jeff Grover organized the visit while Pablo Solano and Sean Kelley showed them some of the JQI demonstrations: the macroscopic Paul Trap for glass particles and the levitating train. 

Trey Porto talked about laser cooling to a standing-room-only crowd at the June 24, 2014 DC Science Cafe, held at Busboys and Poets, Washington D.C.. 

On April 25-27, more than 30 members participated in the USA Science and Engineering Festival. This event, held every two years, is free to the public and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. Some photos of the 2014 and 2012 event are shown in the gallery above.

On April 11-12 2014, Emily Edwards gave two seminars. On Friday she spoke to undergraduates at Appalachian State University about communicating science to the public. On Saturday, she gave a talk at the 19th Annual Spring Meeting for the North Carolina Section of the AAPT. The talk focused on the history of quantum information and associated research highlights. 

On April 6, 2014, Ian Spielman participated in "Rockville Science Day." This year, the event is the opening event for the USA Science and Engineering Festival, which takes place later in the month.

On March 4, 2014, Luis Orozco spoke at the "Cafè Scientifique" at the Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara to a crowd of more than 100 non-scientists. He spoke on quantum physics and its role helping us understand nature and reality. For information on the event click here. A podcast interview is also available.


In January 2014, the PFC and JQI both sponsored the APS Mid-atlantic Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics. More than 130 undergraduates attended the three day long event and, among other activities, toured NIST and UMD laboratories. Photos are available currently via

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