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Two JQI undergraduates honored for their thesis work

IPST/Monroe Martin Prize for Undergraduate Research in Physics

From Left: B. Patterson, L. Orozco, U. Chukwu before Commencement, 2014. 

Ike Uchenna Chukwu and Burkley Patterson were recently both named recipients of the 2014 IPST Monroe Martin Prize for Undergraduate Research in Physics. 

Burkley's work was titled "Construction and Experiments with a Cavity QED system." He will be continuing his work, now as a graduate student, in Luis Orozco's Cavity QED experiment, which is supported by NSF.

Ike worked on a "Two-Dimensional Magneto-Optical Trap with Rubidium Atoms." His research was part of the "Atoms on Squids" experiment, which is supported by the NSF PFC@JQI

The JQI congratulates them both on their awards and accomplishments.


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