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Announcements for Positions External to JQI




Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Innovation Lab of the Gruss-Lipper Biophotonics Center, Einstein College of Medicine / Montefiore Medical Center, NYC

A post-doctoral position is available under the supervision of Professor John Condeelis, co-Director, and David Entenberg, Director of Technological Development, at the Innovation Lab of the Gruss-Lipper Biophotonics Center, Einstein College of Medicine / Montefiore Medical Center, NYC. Starting salary is competitive and depends on experience at time of arrival.

The postdoc will work as part of a multidisciplinary team of physicists, engineers, cell and cancer biologists, and physician-scientists to develop novel microscopy techniques that answer fundamental biological questions and lead to translational applications of basic research. Translational application of basic research is a major goal of our team and has resulted in several prognostic markers and drug companion diagnostics that are now clinically validated and in use in clinical trials for the treatment of cancer patients.

The candidate will work on the design and development of video-rate multiphoton microscopy in live animals and record the dynamics and progression of large volumes of tumor and other tissues at single cell resolution. The main objective is to produce a tool that cancer biologists can use to explore the mechanisms of cell migration, invasion, tumor cell-stromal cell interactions, intravasation, extravasation, and seeding of metastatic sites, all in vivo and at subcellular resolution.

Applicants should either already have, or should be about to have, successfully completed a PhD in a field relevant to instrumentation development (e.g. experimental physics, engineering) and have skills in electronics (analog and digital), DAQ electronics, FPGA design, digital signal processors, programming, optoelectronic devices, and optics. All other training will be done by our team, no prior biological experience required.

Applicants should email:

John Condeelis
Judith & Burton P. Resnick Chair in Translational Research
Co-Director, Gruss Lipper Biophotonics Center
Co-Director, Integrated Imaging Program
Scientific Director, Analytical Imaging Facility
Director, Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis Program, Albert Einstein Cancer Center
Professor and Co-Chair, Anatomy and Structural Biology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine


David Entenberg
Director of Technological Development
Director of Integrated Imaging
The Innovation Lab
Gruss Lipper Biophotonics Center
Senior Associate
Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Postdoctoral Position at Army Research Lab

The Cold Atom Optics group at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, MD is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to join one of the ongoing projects in either atom-chip interferometry or quantum information processing with neutral atoms.  Applicants must have a PhD in physics or a related field, and should have laboratory experience in cold atomic ensembles or ions, entanglement of photons and/or atoms or related subjects.  The postdoctoral fellowship appointment is administered through the National Research Council (NRC) or the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU). The postdoctoral program benefits include family health care, travel to conferences, relocation support and a highly competitive stipend. Applications (including CV, list of publications, and three references) should be sent to Dr. Qudsia Quraishi at

Postdoctoral Fellowship NRL

Postdoctoral Fellowships are available in quantum information sciences at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC.  Our core research effort involves quantum optics and semiconductor qubits in solid state optical architectures such as photonic crystals. We are working on several applications in quantum sensing, communication, and processing []. Our research team includes MBE growth, nanofabrication, quantum optics, opto-mechanics, and modeling.  Applicants must meet the requirements of the National Research Council postdoctoral program [] or the American Society for Engineering Education Postdoctoral Fellowship Program [] and must be a US citizen or hold a green card to apply.  For additional information contact Sam Carter [], Allan Bracker[] or Dan Gammon [].

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