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Quantum information processing, machine learning and AI

April 26, 2017 - 11:00am
Vedran Dunjko
University of Innsbruck

The nascent field of Quantum Machine Learning has been generating a substantial buzz in the last few years. The broad theme of this field is the interplay between the disciplines of quantum information processing (QIP) and of machine learning (ML). In this talk, I will review the basic trends in this new discipline. I will focus on the ever-growing evidence that not only do ML-type applications form one of the best reasons to build quantum computers (barring perhaps quantum simulations and cryptography), but ML techniques may significantly help bringing about large-scale quantum computers -- making ML and QIP a perfect match. Following this, I will present a perspective on the field we have developed in Innsbruck, which broaches the broader topic of the interplay of artificial general intelligence (going beyond standard ML machinery) and quantum mechanics. 

CSS 3100A