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Topological Heat Transport and Symmetry-Protected Boson Currents

July 19, 2016 - 11:00am
Angel Rivas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The study of non-equilibrium properties in topological systems is of practical and fundamental importance. Here, we analyze the stationary properties of a two-dimensional boson topological insulator coupled  to two thermal baths in the quantum open-system formalism. Novel phenomena appear like chiral edge heat  currents that are the out-of-equilibrium counterparts of the zero-temperature edge currents.  We find the new set of discrete symmetries that protect these topological heat currents, differing from the zero-temperature limit.  Remarkably, one of these currents flows opposite to the decreasing external temperature gradient.  As the starting point, we consider the case of a single external reservoir showing prominent results like thermal erasure effects  and topological thermal currents. Our results are experimentally accessible with platforms like photonics systems and optical lattices.

Host: Sunil Mittal

PSC 2136

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