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An Introduction to Many-Body Localization

July 8, 2016 - 4:00pm
Xiaopeng Li

Many-body localization has recently attracted tremendous research attentions from both AMO and condensed matter communities. Such fundamental questions in quantum statistical physics as when and how a disordered quantum system thermalizes are revitalized. In this lecture, I will start from Anderson localization of single-particle states, and describes how the concept of localization generalizes to Many-body localization, explaining the main differences of interacting and non-interacting systems. The theory of local integral of motion for many-body localization will be discussed. In the end I will give a brief review about the present experimental status and outline my view (biased) for future directions. 

(The JQI summer school is for graduate students and postdocs, but others are welcome to join for refreshments afterwards; Discussion with pizza and refreshments at 5:00pm)

PSC 2136

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