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Coherent addressing of individual neutral atoms in a 3D optical lattice

July 13, 2015 - 1:30pm
Yang Wang
Penn State University

Neutral atoms in optical lattices are promising systems for quantum computing in their inherent scalability. However, the long-standing challenge in these systems is to manipulate the quantum states of individual qubits without affecting nearby quantum information. We tackle this problem head on, using crossed laser beams to selectively ac Stark shift target qubits’ resonances and microwave fields to arbitrarily change their quantum superpositions, and thus realizing, for the first time, arbitrary single qubit gates in a 3D atom array, with less than 0.3% crosstalk.  I will describe the experiment, two approaches of single qubit gates and our path to a universal quantum computer.  

2115 Computer and Space Sciences
College Park, MD 20742